Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Part 1 - Buddy Rabbit Adventure

Buddy Rabbit was a happy bunny living comfortably with his family. He had all the attention a bunny could ask for; head pats and belly rubs galore. Games of chase and bunny sneak attacks filled his days. His tummy was always full of vegetables along with treats of apples and blueberries. Yes, he was happy.

It was a good life until one fateful day when Buddy was outdoors doing his morning jumping jacks. A robin flew up to a feeder hanging nearby.

“Good morning, Mr. Robin!” said Buddy.

“Not now, Mr. Rabbit! No time for frivolity. I have to eat so I can fly away,” replied the robin.

“But where are you going?”

“I must travel north for my next great adventure,” the robin replied.

“Adventure? What’s an adventure?”

“Adventures, Mr. Rabbit, are doing those things you don’t think you can do, but you do them anyway. I am going north to find my true love. I’ll search far and wide but hope I find the one my heart longs for.”

This was most puzzling to Buddy, but started him thinking. “Is there more to life than rubs and a full belly?”

He pondered this question for several hours before deciding that he needed to leave his home to seek his own adventure.



  1. LOL I am awaiting the rest of the adventure... :)

  2. ooh oooh I love adventure! *excited woof*