Tuesday, May 18, 2010


We saw the red tail hawk today. He’s a small one and the crows were chasing him away from the yard when we saw him.

He was still big enough to do some damage. We don’t want him to hurt one of the smaller birds in the yard or our precious bunny.

I feel really conflicted because the hawk is a beautiful bird.

To reward the crows for their hard work, we put out piles of peanut butter crackers. They love those.

It’s nice to fight nature with nature, but the crows are eating lots of food these days. Also, our mocking birds hate the crows. But for the most part, the wild birds seem to get along pretty well.

Our wild rabbit is living in the yard a couple of doors down from our house. As long as he’s safe and happy, we’ll keep putting out food for him too.

We have a lot of happy animals living around our house.

Monday, May 17, 2010


Rain drops crash against my window pane mingling with the dust as they tentatively inch toward the sill.

The rain is a welcome sight. For too long, we’ve watched as the grass turns from vibrant green to sickly brown. But today, wilted plants spring back to life as they gulp the life giving water.

Slowly and steadily, the rain falls with little ticks against the pane. Its rhythmic music lulls me to sleep as I curl on the window seat.

Book in hand, my head too heavy for my neck to hold upright. Head falls on to my chest; I start awake to watch this simple miracle of nature.

Gray clouds block the sun as they slide silently through the sky. A wisp of wind blows more droplets against the glass causing the rabbit to perk his ears toward the sound.

Yes, some would be disheartened by the gloomy sky, but today it brings joy to my being. A quiet day at home with a loving family and the rain; what could be better?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Maybe pets should get an allowance.

Here’s my thinking: I had to steal dad’s credit card last month to make a donation to the Humane Society.

I just need money for good causes like that one, so I don’t need much. I’d never be selfish and buy toys even though I love the pet toys.

Speaking of which, Dad, I need a new bunny rattle. I accidentally ate the willow ring off the one I have and then kicked the wood part into my litter box. It’s a little messy now.

I know; Gross!

But back to the main topic, maybe a weekly pet allowance. Set a little aside each week for a bunny to give to charity. After all, we give so much to the humans every day.

It’s just a thought.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Just a picture

Just a quick picture post of a relaxie bunny. Have started 2 stories, but don't know where they are going just yet. They need a lot of work.