Thursday, August 18, 2011

Moose and the IRS

Dear, Gussy! I think I'm going to have a stroke.

Came home to a big envelope from the IRS. Thought to myself, "well this can't be good."

Opened it to see they felt I owed about $2K from 2009. Said my Mortgage interest didn't match what they received from the bank.

Well in 2009, we refinanced. They picked up the lesser of 2 statements from that year and billed me for their incompetence.

Well they don't know how meticulous I am with record keeping when it comes to tax stuff. I went to my file, pulled the 1098 form; (both of them); copied them and checked the block "I disagree".

Just got back from post office where I dropped this bombshell in the mail.

That still doesn't mean the incident is over. Maybe that's why my heart is still pounding.

Can they send me some money for adding stress to my life? I'm sure they took off at least 10 years.