Monday, October 7, 2013


Linc Rabbit glared at the human that put him in a pen. Plotting his escape, he settled and stretched out on his fluffy bed. He closed his eyes pretending to sleep.

As the human opened the door to Linc’s prison, Linc pounced and bit the hand as it slipped handfuls of tender, aromatic greens into his bowl.

Linc’s ultimate deception worked and he prepared for his escape, but the aroma of tender salad greens proved too tempting. He calmly grabbed mouthfuls of salad and munched as the door closed and the human left to bandage his wounds.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Haunted Apartment

When I was in college, I lived with a roommate in an apartment across the street from the university. It was a modern apartment building, but it still seemed to have a spirit attached to it.

During the winter, my roommate and I would sit in the living room watching TV after class. From time to time, we'd hear vague moaning noises that seemed to come from the attic of the building.

There wasn't attic access from any of the units and we'd look at one another & ask, "Is that you?" Knowing full well, we couldn't make a sound like that.

After a few weeks, the sounds started getting closer to us. It would sound as if it were coming down the stairs to join us in the living room. The sound was very directional and we'd both stare into the same general area to see anything that could be making the sound.

One afternoon when I was alone in the apartment, I glimpsed a guy standing at my bedroom door staring in at me. He was pale, looked to be about 19, wearing a plaid shirt and faded jeans.

Not expecting anyone to be standing at my door, I looked away for a moment then looked back toward the door. He was gone.

A week or so later, my roommate asked if I had ever seen a guy upstairs about our age. I said yes and started to describe him. I'd add one element to the description and then my roommate would add the next element. We saw the same figure in the same location; about 2 weeks apart.

We had friends that would come over and hang out with us. They heard the sounds as well and one said the sound followed him home after one of his visits. On another day, this same friend came over, but didn't knock on the door. He told me later that he felt compelled to look up at my apartment's upstairs window.

Standing in the window, was a dark figure. The figure was covered; head to toe in misty blackness.

My friend ran home and didn't contact us for a week about what he'd seen.

During that week, when my roommate was home alone cooking dinner; he looked up from the stove toward the kitchen door. He saw the same black figure blocking him into the kitchen.

He was terrified and ran from the apartment. He went over to the friend's house where he learned that he too had seen the black figure.

The final thing in that apartment was late one night. I had turned the lights off downstairs in the living room and was heading upstairs to bed. Again, let me stress that all lights were turned off in the entire apartment.

After crossing the living room and when I reached the bottom of the stairs, I noticed a red glow reflecting off the walls. I looked back into the living room and in the middle of the room was a young man with golden hair standing perfectly still. He was surrounded by a red glowing light that seemed to come directly from him.

I stood mesmerized for a moment then as quickly as it started, the light and the man was gone.

After the red light/man, we didn't hear any other strange sounds or see the other man or black figure. All ended that night.

I have to admit that I don’t believe in ghosts or the paranormal, but the things that happened in that apartment don’t have a logical explanation.