Thursday, August 6, 2009

Buddy Adventure (part 3)

“Hand over your valuables!” insisted the raccoon.

“But I’m just a poor bunny.”

“What do you have there? I’ve never seen a rabbit with a belt. You must be a special rabbit. I’m sure you have valuables on you.”

“Let me pass!”

“Why should I let you pass?” questioned the raccoon.

“I know,” replied Buddy. “I’ll race you to that old hollow tree,” pointing to a distant stump. “If I win, you must let me pass, but if you win, I’ll give you my only possession.”

“Deal,” said the raccoon. Being sneaky, he took off immediately waddling toward the old hollow log as fast as his stumpy legs would carry him. But Buddy was faster. With a few quick leaps, he easily beat the raccoon to the finish line.

“So, Bandit, I’ve won our race. You must let me pass,” Buddy teased the raccoon.

But the raccoon surprised Buddy by saying, “Rabbit, you won so I’ll pass along a little information to you. King Bunbun rules this land and he wishes to find a suitable hand for his daughter, the lovely Princess Lil. You should seek her hand.”

Buddy thanked the bandit raccoon and hopped toward the castle.

He hopped and hopped until he bumped into a spiky creature. “Auwh! You stuck me. Who are you?”

“I’m a hedgehog” was the reply. “I have spiky fur that helps defend me from attack.”

Buddy looked around anxiously. “Are there bad things in these woods?”

“The worst I’ve seen is the hawk. He’s big and swoops down from the sky carrying off small animals to eat them.”

Buddy didn’t like the sound of that and he looked around nervously. “I’ll look out for that mean hawk.”

The hedgehog invited Buddy to stay the night and they feasted on fresh fruit from the forest and told stories until late into the night.



  1. oh, what an adventure, Buddy!! I'm biting my nails here!!!! Hope you stay away from that hawk, he sounds mean!! Good luck!! I will be anxiously waiting for the rest of this story!! hugs!

  2. Thanks, ZackRabbit. I just wanted to try my hand at a simple children's story. This is my first ever!

  3. woohooo! This adventure of yours just keep getting better and better! princess huh?