Monday, August 3, 2009

Diet day

Buddy’s dad here.

Ever have one of those days where you’re hungry? Not just any hungry; the kind of hungry where you want to go to Wendy’s and order everything on the menu twice.

I started a diet about 7 weeks ago. I’ve been charting my food and exercise on the Live Strong website. I’ve done well with the diet losing about 10 pounds; not all reflected on Live Strong because I dieted several weeks before learning about the site.

Haven’t had any problems controlling my eating until today. But today’s been tough. I’m borrowing Buddy’s blog instead of going to get something from the office vending machine.

My hope is that I can fill my time with an activity during the last few minutes of the day to get my mind off this empty belly. Just have to make it until 4:00 when I have a 17 mile bike ride scheduled. Once on the bike, I’ll be golden. The pain in my old knees will make me forget, as Pooh Bear used to say, “the rumbly in my tumbly.”

I’m sorry about this post. I know no one will want to read such a narcissistic rambling. Most people have dieted and gone through hunger pains. Hell, there are millions around the world where hunger is a daily occurrence.

We’re lucky, in a way, here in the US that we have the luxury of needing to go on diets. But for me, this is an uncomfortable feeling that I really don’t like very much.


  1. Good luck with the diet!! Good for you for blogging instead of munching! That takes lots of determination and self-control!! Pat yourself on da back!! *shrug* I guess watching my cooking show doesn't help, eh...hehe.

  2. Your cooking show makes me really hungry. But I love to watch your furry antics.

  3. I think it's wonderful that you posted here instead of going to the vending machine. I've also just started a diet (Excuse me, healthier eating habits)...and I'm not sure that I would have been so honorable. There are times that my Piper starts looking tasty. :(

  4. This diet is a pretty slow process. Lost another pound over the week; so that makes 10 total. Been doing this for 6 weeks. Getting a lot of encouragement from the website. It helps me track my calories.