Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Buddy Adventure (part 2)

He hopped beyond his yard to the great wood. He had never ventured into the woods before having heard stories about fierce animals with sharp teeth that liked to eat bunnies for breakfast. But he mustered his courage and set out for the great unknown.

He hopped a long time and decided to rest under the limbs of a great oak tree. The dappled sunlight warmed his fur as he stretched and yawned. He leaned on a rock thinking he’d nap for a short time before continuing. But the rock moved! Buddy jumped and thumped in surprise.

Out from the rock popped a head, a tail and 4 legs. “I’ve never met a rock that is alive,” shouted Buddy.

“I’m not a rock, you crazy rabbit. I’m a turtle.”

“Well, Turtle, I’m Buddy and I’m on an adventure.”

“An adventure? You look ill equipped for an adventure. I predict that your only adventure will be dinner with some fox and you’ll be the entre.”

The turtle rustled through some leaves searching for something. “Here,” he said in a gruff voice as he handed Buddy a small pocket knife. “Some hunters came through here a few days ago. They tripped over me and dropped this. As a turtle, I can hide in my shell and be safe, so I’ve no need for this. But a rabbit, you’re more vulnerable. You take this knife and use it to protect yourself.”

“But I have no way to carry a knife.”

The turtle looked around. “Over there is a willow tree. Gnaw down some of the branches, weave them into a belt and carry the knife inside your belt.”

Buddy chewed the willow until it was soft and pliable. He carefully wove the branches into a belt, tied the belt around his waist and hid the pocket knife in his new belt. He looked around to thank the turtle for his gift and good advice, but the turtle had already wandered off.

Emboldened by his new weaponry, Buddy continued to hop northward toward his new adventure. He hadn’t traveled far when he came upon a masked bandit, a marauding raccoon intent on stealing anything of value.


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