Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Buddy Adventure (part 7)

"We have to do something, Chatter," Buddy whispered.

"We? I’m little! What can I do?"

"I’ve talked to animals in the forest," replied Buddy. "I think there is a way, but first we have to find the hawk. Let’s go into the woods in the general direction that the hawk flew. Maybe we can find him."

"Find him! I don’t want to find him!" exclaimed Chatter.

"But together we can defeat the hawk," Buddy patiently explained.

Chatter didn’t need further convincing. He knew that the hawk would keep coming and someone would have to stand up to him. The only question was would it be now or later. At least now, he had Buddy at his side.

Buddy and Chatter headed out into the forest keeping an eye out for the hawk. Buddy explained along the way that the hawk couldn’t fly without his tail feathers. To keep the hawk from swooping in to capture the animals, they just had to get those feathers.

After a great while, our duo spotted the hawk sitting on the ground eating. It was their chance to make their move. Buddy took the hedgehog’s quill and tied the string to the end. He planned to toss it to Chatter entangling the hawks feet.

Quietly, they got into place; one hiding on each side of the hawk. As the hawk lifted his ugly head to swallow, Buddy tossed the quill and string to Chatter leaving the string across the front of the hawk’s legs. With the hawk’s next bite, Chatter tossed the quill behind the legs back to Buddy. They continued several more times without the hawk noticing.

Both Buddy and Chatter tied the ends of the string to nearby trees, not only ensnaring the hawk’s feet, but making sure he wouldn’t go anywhere.

Buddy started moving closer to the hawk but the hawk heard his hops. The hawk flapped his mighty wings, rising a few inches off the ground, but the string held tight. Angrily, the hawk began to snap at the string with his hooked beak trying to break it. Buddy drew closer pulling out the pocket knife.

The blade connected with a tail feather snapping it off. The hawk turned to Buddy, using his bill to try to grab him, but Buddy was too quick, hopping back.

The hawk tried to turn and face the rabbit, but couldn’t free himself from the string. Buddy moved in again, clipping a second feather. He didn’t notice that the hawk had turned his head. The hawk tried to grab Buddy again with his massive beak, but only connected to the rabbit’s fur. He pulled out a clump and Buddy winced, jumping to safety.

"One more feather," Buddy thought as he went in again. Simultaneously, the feather snapped as the string snapped.


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  1. Brilliant! just brilliant! *claps paws*
    uh oh... watch out buddy!