Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Fur to Ashes

When I was a kid, I saw the movie “The Vikings” which included a scene where a deceased warrior’s body was placed on a boat which was set ablaze and sent down river. It was a most disturbing image in my young life. 
I wondered and asked my parents why anyone would burn a body just as we burned rubbish in burning barrel we kept in a field far from our house. (It was the early 60’s in rural North Carolina. There wasn’t trash pick-up.) 
That image popped back in my head today, oh so many years later, because today is the day I return to the vet’s office to pick up our rabbit, Buddy’s ashes. 
I’m feeling a lot of guilt in having his body burned, but I know it was probably the best thing. We will buy an urn and place his ashes on a shelf in our home along with his picture. It will be a small shrine to his love and our love for him. 
But still there is that guilt that swept over me.  This was a much loved member of the family that I used to hold. This was a member of the family that so totally trusted me that he didn’t fight at all as the vet stuck a needle with poison in him that would end his life and with it his suffering.  He just looked at me with the trust and love. 
And now… he’s reduced to ash. 


  1. This made me cry. Buddy was loved so much by the both of you, and he knew it! Life feels so cruel to take such a beautiful bunny from you so soon, but his spirit will never leave you! I feel for you both so much, because my bun means so much to me, and i know i will be going through the same heartache as you two, when i lose mine. He is nine years old now and my world, just like Buddy was for you. So every day is treasured! Bunnies seem to have something about them that you can't help but absolutely adore and fall in love with, but at least he found you and experienced the feeling of being loved and adored, he takes that love with him, and will wait for the day you all will be together again!..When my buns pass they will also be cremated, because i have told my daughter to have their ashes placed in my coffin when i go, i made a promise to my buns that i will never ever leave them! Love from @bugsybunniz R.I.P Buddy xx

    1. Thank you for your kind words. Buddy gave us a lot of love. I hope your bunny lives many more years. It is lovely that you will put his ashes in with you when you pass.

    2. We plan to mix his ashes with ours when we pass. We will then all be buried together.

    3. That will be beautiful !! xx

  2. I don't think my comment posted. Let me try again!

    You did what you had to do. You gave buddy a mercy, ending his suffering, something us humans have to endure, but are lucky enough that we can help our furry friends with.

    You did not burn buddy, his spirit is OTRB now, you just burned his used fluff. He's done with it now, and left it behind for you to have with his picture, to look upon and remember all the happy times.

    He loved you, you loved him. That's it. It's that simple. Just focus on that. *hugs tight*

  3. Hi Moose-- Guenther and Bessie have a shrine, too. Every Saturday night we had a tradition of listening to a particular jazz radio program together in the barn so it's still the tradition, and during the show I burn a candle to them. You can set up rituals that you regularly savor his memory and gifts to you that way.