Saturday, February 18, 2012

Local Shopping; Not!

The local printer cartridge refill shop must love to try and rip people off.

I have a Canon printer. It uses a cheap cartridge that I can get new on the internet for about $25. I can buy a 2 pack at Costco for $40.

Since about the only thing I print these days are Groupon coupons, I figured I’d get a refilled cartridge from a local company. I’ve bought those on the internet and never had a problem. Considered buying online this morning, but I thought, “I’d like it today and I can support a local store.”

I headed to the shop down the street; gave the counter person my printer model number. She looked it up on her computer; said “Yes, we have that. It will be $30.”

My mouth fell open. I told her the cost of a new one is $25. She simply smiled as I walked out the door.

Came home; bought 4 off Amazon for $27 and free shipping.

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  1. I would love to shop at Mom and Pop places over the box stores, but they are more expensive and their hours are while I am at work