Monday, May 17, 2010


Rain drops crash against my window pane mingling with the dust as they tentatively inch toward the sill.

The rain is a welcome sight. For too long, we’ve watched as the grass turns from vibrant green to sickly brown. But today, wilted plants spring back to life as they gulp the life giving water.

Slowly and steadily, the rain falls with little ticks against the pane. Its rhythmic music lulls me to sleep as I curl on the window seat.

Book in hand, my head too heavy for my neck to hold upright. Head falls on to my chest; I start awake to watch this simple miracle of nature.

Gray clouds block the sun as they slide silently through the sky. A wisp of wind blows more droplets against the glass causing the rabbit to perk his ears toward the sound.

Yes, some would be disheartened by the gloomy sky, but today it brings joy to my being. A quiet day at home with a loving family and the rain; what could be better?

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