Tuesday, May 18, 2010


We saw the red tail hawk today. He’s a small one and the crows were chasing him away from the yard when we saw him.

He was still big enough to do some damage. We don’t want him to hurt one of the smaller birds in the yard or our precious bunny.

I feel really conflicted because the hawk is a beautiful bird.

To reward the crows for their hard work, we put out piles of peanut butter crackers. They love those.

It’s nice to fight nature with nature, but the crows are eating lots of food these days. Also, our mocking birds hate the crows. But for the most part, the wild birds seem to get along pretty well.

Our wild rabbit is living in the yard a couple of doors down from our house. As long as he’s safe and happy, we’ll keep putting out food for him too.

We have a lot of happy animals living around our house.


  1. We have hawks too at our house. We like to look at them outside through the big window. There is a picture of a young hawk that landed in the tree in the back yard on our blog. I am very happy we have no wild bunnies for them to catch. But you know, the wild bunnies are smart and they know how to not get caught. I bet your little bunny is very smart.

  2. Hey Buddy, it is a strange coincidence. Me and Stu were in the backyard yesterday and a friend dropped by. We retired to some lounge chairs to chat while Stu nibbled and reveled in having the green grass tickle his toes. My friend kept on asking "Is he alright" to which I would reply "he is fine, the yard is fenced and he never tried to squeeze between the fenceposts" I went on to explain how you have to constantly be watched when you are outside because of the hawk. Of course 10 minutes later we could not see Stu anywhere and spent a frantic 1/2 hour looking in the lilys, under the shed. climbing into the neighbors yards and running around the neighborhood until he magically reappeared.

  3. Hi, Lavender Rabbit! I'm really afraid of the hawk & run in circles when he comes around. I make enough of a fuss that the humans become aware and scare the hawk away. I've been safe this way for years.

    Hi, BunnyMummy! I've hidden in the dark confines underneath the deck. It's really creepy under there w/ spiders and such. But there is also a thick layer of pine mulch that's great for digging. It really scares the humans when I get under there. It makes them angry too because they are way to big & fat to fit.