Friday, September 11, 2009

A Deer in Headlights

Ok. I admit it. I’m a sucker for bad TV.

I’ve watched "Big Brother" since the first season. It’s my favorite "reality" show. My only complaint is that the show rewards the best liars, screamers and bullies. Those are the ones that ultimately get a half million dollars.

Spoiler Alert!

Last night’s show with Jordan winning the second round of competition allowing her to play for the final Head of Household just delighted me.

It was the ultimate good vs. evil drama with "good" going all out at the last minute to dig down deep and finally win something.

Natalie is the one that I consider pure evil. She, in her own way, is worse than Evil Dick from several seasons back. Evil Dick did his worse right in the other players faces. He yelled, banged pots and in general acted like a crazy person.

Natalie, on the other hand, went into the house and the game telling a lie. She claimed to be 18. It was part of her plan to appear innocent.

And lying turned out to be her strongest ability. She has the ability look anyone straight in the eye and smile at them while lying to their face. That’s evil.

She, with the help of Kevin, told lie after lie. Kevin was really used by Natalie to do all the dirty work. Kevin won competitions which gave him power to carry out plans. But it always seemed like Natalie was pulling the strings.

And between the lies of Natalie and Kevin, they got people out of the house. They made people distrust Michelle which was her down fall. They lied to Jeff to make him put up Russell. They lied to Jeff saying he was not going home the week they voted him out.

I’m really proud of Jordan, a waitress from Matthews, NC.

She has floated along in the Big Brother house since the beginning acting naïve and non-threatening. Now, I wonder how much of that was a total act. But when the chips were down, she gave her all and won. Granted, she has to win again on Tuesday of next week to be the ultimate winner.

But the reason that I like her is that I don’t think she’s lied.

Last night, when she won the competition, she looked a bit like a deer in headlights. She was all wide eyed and innocent, not believing that she won.

Kevin’s look was priceless. He couldn’t believe that Jordan won. Kevin’s eyes popped wide open, jaw dropped in disbelief. Natalie immediately went on the defensive trying to blame the defeat on bad luck and confusion.

So, I think there may still be a little chance for good to defeat evil in this world. At least I hope so.

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