Sunday, May 11, 2014

Lady Rabbit

Of our three bunnies, Lady is the most reserved. 

She loves to be rubbed but wants me to earn the privilege before she fully submits to my touch. 

There is a game with her every night. First, I have to bribe her with a treat such as a strawberry or some craisins. Second, I rub her head but she pushes my hand away in mock protest. If I back away, she jumps in my lap as if asking, "what's wrong?"

Next, she squats down for a head rub, pushing her head into my hand with such force, I'm afraid she will hurt herself. Finally, after a few minutes of rubbing, she does a big flop on her side, closes her eyes, and exposes her neck and jaw for a good massage. This time is complete with bunny purrs, those the teeth grinding sounds of pleasure that very happy bunnies make. 

It's a game with her. It's every night; the same routine. 

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