Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Restaurant Breakfast

This morning we went out to breakfast and I saw something I've never seen before. 

A group of people were seated at a table close to us. They opened the silverware & asked the waiter for a pitcher of hot water. The waiter brought the water & I thought they were going to make tea.

But instead, they took all the silverware and placed the portions that would go into their mouths into a coffee cup. Next they poured the hot water in the cup allowing the utensils to soak until their food arrived. 

Next, they meticulously dried each utensil with napkins making sure each tine of each fork was dried and almost polished with the napkin. Spoons and knives were polished in a similar manner.

The ritual took a good bit of time.  

I wonder why they didn't insist on going back to the kitchen to wash the plates and glasses they used.

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