Sunday, August 4, 2013

A Simple Question – Not So Simple Answer

I sent a text to the Breeder: “What food do you recommend for the rabbits when we get them home?”

The answer back: “Purina Professional Rabbit Pellets until age 9 months. They need the higher protein since they are bigger bunnies.”

I Googled: “Purina Professional Rabbit Pellets”

I clicked the link and went to the website. I saw the block “put in your zip code to find a dealer.” I did. There were a few within a 25 mile radius.

I started calling. “Do you carry Purina Professional Rabbit Pellets?”

“No, just chicken feed” or “No, just horse feed.”

“This is nuts,” I thought. I went to Amazon.

They don’t carry it and they carry EVERYTHING!

I knew I was in serious trouble.  I called my pet shop where we’ve been doing business for years. I asked my question & “No, we don’t carry that.”

“Can you order it?”

“No.  We don’t have a relationship with that distributor and can’t meet the minimum order requirements.“

They did offer to check with some other people they knew.

I got a call a few days later. Sure enough, there is a vendor 27 miles away. I drove over there this past Saturday and bought 50 pounds of rabbit pellets. It was a great experience.

The store I went to was an old fashioned feed store. They had bird seed, chicken feed, horse feed and yes, Purina Professional Rabbit pellets.

I was very grateful not only to them, but the dedication of the staff at my pet store: Pet Supplies Plus.

At least I have what I hope is a month’s supply of bunny food.

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  1. Actually you didn't need to get that feed as any Junior pellet feed would be perfect for your buns as they all ways contain Alfalfa some times called Lucerne,just so you know,after the 9 months though you will need a timothy hay pellet which is lower in calcium and not so high in calories or the will get over weight,xx Rachel