Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Wright Island Tale (part 2)

Note: The first part of this story was back in August and can be found here. http://buddyrabbit.blogspot.com/2009/08/wright-island-tale-part-1.html

I don't know where I'm going with this. Just letting it kind of flow out of me. More later.


“Hi… you ok?”

Walt started at the sound coming from above him. He rolled over on his side groggily; squinting at the sun. He could make out the form of a man, about his age, standing over him.

“I… I was afraid you were hurt or needed help in some way,” the fellow stammered. “You looked dead.” His voice trailed off to a whisper.

“I must have fallen asleep,” muttered Walt glancing at the ocean. The tide was completely high. He must have slept for hours. “What time is it?”

“It’s about 1:30. I’m Barry, by the way.” Barry stuck his hand out to shake.

Walt felt his thick penis flop against his leg as he started to stand up. He had forgotten that he pulled his swim trunks off. He reached for them and quickly slid them on as he stood.

“Walt” he said extending his hand. He blushed slightly, “Sorry about the no clothes thing. Didn’t expect to sleep so long.”

“No problem. I was worried about you. Sorry to wake you, but you were so still.” Barry stumbled for the right words.

“Better safe than sorry. You surf?” Walt scanned the waves and thought he might be able to ride a few.

“No, I’m just up here walking. Wanted to get away for a while and clear my head. You go ahead.”

Walt grabbed his board, tucked it under his arm effortlessly, and trotted to the water. When the water was just above his knees, in one fluid motion slid the board into the water, landed on top and started to paddle out just as a four foot wave broke at the board’s nose. Automatically, he forced the board under the wave as he ducked his head and continued to paddle.

He broke free of the wave, gliding in an easy rhythm further out to sea. When he sensed he was in the right spot, he whipped the board around and almost immediately caught a wave. It wasn’t a wave that would win an award at a surfing contest. It was just a little six footer, but he milked it for all it was worth only to turn around and do it all again.


Barry wanted privacy.

He woke up that morning expecting to go to class but as he dressed, his stomach started feeling like it was tied into a knot.

He felt an internal turmoil that he couldn’t explain and didn’t know how to deal with. He should have been on top of the world. He was about to graduate from college with honors. He had a good job lined up. He just had one problem. He was in love with his roommate; his male roommate.

He didn’t know what to do. He hadn’t acted on his feelings, keeping them a secret. But every time he thought of moving out of the apartment and into his new life, he felt like he would throw up.

“Was he gay?” he wondered. He hadn’t had much time for dating, but he used a heavy course load as an excuse. He could be just scared about entering a new phase of his life, but he wasn’t sure.

All he knew for sure was that he had to get some time alone to think.

Barry decided blow off his classes and head to Wright’s Island, to the north end where it would be totally isolated. He knew that he could get his head together there.


Barry got to the island midday. The sun felt hot on his skin, so he left his shirt in his car. His lean six foot frame hadn’t seen too much sun having been stuck in classrooms for the last three years.

He’d set a goal of graduating before he turned 21 and he would graduate three months shy of his twenty-first birthday; for that he felt proud. But he hadn’t had much time to do social things that other people did in college. No time for dating, few friends, almost no parties. No, he had a plan that he stuck to.

He hadn’t counted on the handsome roommate moving in to share expenses during his final year. From the moment Barry saw him, he felt a longing he hadn’t felt before.

Barry saw a few people close to the island’s parking area, so he headed north. The tide was high, so he had to walk close to the sandy dunes. He knew that almost no one went up here. He’d most certainly have it all to himself to work out his demons.

He walked a long way before seeing the naked man lying between two dunes. He stopped not knowing what to do. He stood and stared at the almost perfect body lying ever so still. The man was darkly tanned with ropey long muscles stretching down to a perfectly sculpted butt. The man didn’t move and Barry just stood there staring.

He didn’t know for how long he stood there, but Barry decided that he had to meet the man. But how? It appeared he was sleeping, but he could have been in trouble.

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