Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bunny Political Thoughts

I'm really fortunate to be a rabbit. I have these humans that took me into their family and really love me. They feed me, pet me, play with me and all they ask for in return is that I not poop on the carpet. Yes, I'm glad to be a pet bunny; it's a good life!

Poor Humans. I found out that a lot of people go to college to train themselves for good jobs so they can take care of their rabbits. They work to put food on the table. They work to pay for the homes we share. They work to provide a good life to their families.

The problem is that many go thousands of dollars in debt to pay for this education. They then work for years to pay off the loans for college. I heard that it often takes 10 years to pay back the money.

By borrowing money, they sell themselves into a sort of slavery. They are forced to get jobs right out of college to start paying back the loans. Because they feel an urgency to work to pay back the money (many loan payments begin 6 months after graduation), some have to pretty much take whatever comes along. Companies benefit because they can offer lower wages because of the urgency to begin work.

Granted, college education is wonderful and does allow for much better jobs than no college. But think how things could be different if people didn't have the financial obligation to pay back that college loan.

I think college graduates could take a little more time to truly think about what career they wanted. (After all, how many 21 year olds truly know what they want in life.) Maybe, they could work for several companies to see what they like to do. Or maybe, they could hold out for a higher paying job instead of settling for something that covers the bills and the loan payments.

I think leaving college debt free would greatly change the way college grads approach their work life. Maybe we should have some type of have higher education available at no cost. It could be trade school for some, college for others, technical school for others.

How much would society benefit by having a highly educated workforce? How much would society benefit by having most of its workers getting a good living wage and paying taxes based on that wage? I bet the increased tax income from the higher salaries, would pay for the tuition.

But what do I know? I'm a bunny. My job is to fertilize the shrubs one pooh ball at a time.

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  1. I'm only a bear so not sure I know much either:) I definitely agree with you, though. I only ever had a high school education myself but think having a college education is pretty much a necessity these days.

    The financial burden for a person when they finish college should somehow be made so that they are able to find themselves a good job that they've actually gone to college to be able to do without having to worry about how they're going to pay their loans back.

    Am not saying it should be free for them (altho in a perfect world that would be awfully nice and a smart thing to do, too)but it shouldn't be something that stops them from getting the job they worked so hard to study for in the first place.

    Psssst.... again I'm just a bear but I think bunnies are pretty smart:):)